Recruiting / Outplacement

We specialise in finding, attracting and keeping talented people.

Since 1996, Grupo P&A has carried out more than 600 recruiting processes for national and international companies from different industries (automotive, food, banking, real estate, construction, shipping, machinery manufacturing, services, etc.)
We have a computerised database with over 5,000 candidates. We create the instruments that better allow assessing the features we are seeking in the candidates for each process. We look for the best among the best.

Ispa Logo

Grupo P&A is a member of the ISPA (The International Search Partners Association) Network, founded in 1987. ISPA is an independent consultants association specialising in the search of executives which is present in 12 European countries and in Latin America.

As members of the International Search Partners Association (ISPA), we advise our customers in defining and designing their staff strategies on an international level, providing knowledge about the industry, the area and the labour market.