Louis Allen

Louis Allen

The history of the company dates back to its founder, Lou Allen, who wrote Professional Management in 1964. In 1969, Louis Allen received the prestigious “McKinsey Award” for the book, gathering the results of 20 years of research.

Lou Allen retired in 1992, but his legacy has been preserved. We keep offering consulting services worldwide, with partners in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We have experience in making organisational change effective.

We understand the businesses and the needs of the companies throughout the world, in all fields and sizes, with their particular stories and circumstances.

Our work is not finished until we help you implement the appropriate solution and achieve the results you need.

METRICS: after and important research, our service is not only to provide data. We are experts in organisation behaviour and survey design. We make sure that you have a right diagnosis of the situation of your organisation and clear ideas regarding the actions and measures that need to be put in place.

We put the focus on commitment studies

A series of studies (Harter, et. al., Journal of Applied Psychology (2002); Watson, Wyatt (2004); Globoforce (2005); Towers, Perrin, Global Workforce Study (2007-2008), Wiley (2011)) comparing the upper quartile and the lower quartile of the commitment scores obtained in the companies show:

  • 12% profit growth
  • 44 more net profit points
  • 18% more productivity
  • 12% more customer satisfaction
  • 62% less accidents
  • 52% less inventory loss
  • 51% less voluntary rotation
  • 27% less absenteeism

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