• Founded in Cincinnati, USA, more than 35 years ago, its trade and sales programmes have inspired companies all over the world to obtain the maximum potential from their sales forces and achieve their trade and financial goals.
  • Carew is considered one of the best 10 sales training companies in the world (Selling Power 2010).
  • Its focus and goal is not on the process or the learning objectives, but on succeeding in making companies and their salespersons improve their competitive position, and, in doing so, acquiring new customers, satisfying them and keeping them.
  • Its Dimension of Professional Selling ™ programme, developed by Jack Carew, has become a standard method worldwide to change the salespersons’ attitudes, methods and skills, enabling them to develop their full potential, this achieving strategic goals and success.
  • Customers that have implemented Carew’s solutions and programmes have improved their sales performance by 30% on average, compared with their competitors (Aberdeen Group Research, Feb. 2011).

The Difference:

Using a proven method; integrating it culturally through customization and training of internal trainers; implementing monitoring and support mechanism; defining sales performance metrics and making them public; preparing the sales managers to be coaches for their teams.

  • Specialised, global, approved programmes focusing on execution and on obtaining sales and business results.
  • Based on sound research, over 35 years of experience and publications by international experts.
  • Stress on prior assessment and customization and on subsequent monitoring and support.
  • Programmes that can be transferred and integrated into the company through “Train the Trainers” and licences for materials and systems.
  • Recommended by prestigious authors and publications in the USA and internationally.
  • Og Mandino author of The Greatest Salesman in the World: One of the most powerful and helpful books on Salesmanship that I have ever read. Even an “Old Pro” will give himself a raise if he follows Jack Carew’s Strategies of Positional Selling.
  • Ken Blanchard, Ph.D. coauthor of The One Minute Manager: If you’ve never read a book on how to sell, or if you’ve read them all — this is the one that really works!
  • Kenneth Blanchard co-author of The One-Minute Manager Is for anyone who ever wanted to get a point across to someone else. It’s for anyone who ever wanted to Sell something to someone else.The Carew strategies transcend the practical by combining the disciplined approach of an outstanding sales professional with the gentler skills of a person who has Developed Human Resources to their furthest potential.
  • San Francisco Examiner : In his easygoing style, Carew leads you through his 10 strategies….And Carew’s advice is valuable beyond sales.
  • Miami Herald : Simple effective.This is not the credo of a Pollyanna, for Carew is a successful salesman. Sincere positional sellers ought to have customers lined up around the block.
  • Rick Ukena MCI Telecommunications Corporation, Washington, D.C.: A must for all sales professionals.

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